Is Hip Pain Affecting Your Life?

If you’ve been diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis,

HipTrac can relieve your hip pain naturally and restore your mobility.

How? Long axis hip traction is a manual technique used by your physical therapist, physician or osteopath to reduce hip pain and increase your range of motion. The traction stretches the tight and irritated tissues around your hip joint. That decreases the pressure and relaxes the surrounding muscles.

With HipTrac, you can apply this same hip therapy at home, easily and independently. 

►  Relieves hip pain naturally.

►  Increases flexibility, range of motion and mobility.

►  Reduces need for pain medications.

► Improved physical condition = faster recovery after surgery.

►  Improved quality of life, better health, return to daily activities and exercise.


Using HipTrac = pain relief = less drugs, more exercise, better health.

$895.00 – compare that to the $25 -$40 cost of a single treatment by your healthcare provider.  Used twice a day, your HipTrac will pay for itself in less a month.   Plus, you have the convenience of using it at home, at the times that work best for you.

HipTrac Rentals

If you’re not sure HipTrac will help you, we offer a one-month rental for $125 that we will apply to the price if you decide to purchase. Call us at (650)479-4474 for rentals.

Arlene Litzenberg’s experience

“About three months ago I was faced with the prospect of needing a hip replacement. Because of my schedule I did not want to do this at this time – so began my search on the internet for options that would delay [the surgery]. That’s when I discovered HipTrac…I highly recommend this device if you have osteoarthritis of the hip and are looking for pain relief and better mobility.”

HipTrac’s long axis hip traction provides relief to patients with hip osteoarthritis and FAI, also to those with labral tears and several other conditionsSome people can’t use HipTrac, find out more about contra-indications here.

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For more information, see the datasheet, Quick Start and Orientation guide, owner’s manual and detailed diagram below.

► Download this and show it to your healthcare provider.
► How to setup the HipTrac, put on the bindings and connect them.
► Guidelines on angle, pressure and duration of use for an initial test and introductory use.


If you already have a HipTrac, click here to go to Getting Started with HipTrac


Detailed diagram of HipTrac and its components